Our Baby Room

In our baby room we have 12 babies who are cared for by 4 full time and 1 part time member of staff who are highly trained. The staff aims are to provide a variety of stimulating activities in a caring and friendly environment in order to promote babies all round development.

The Tweenie Room

We cater for 9 babies who are cared for by 4 full time members of staff, they support and provide a wide range of toys and activities. The children have lots of fun and learn to interact with others and enjoy developing new skills.

Our Tots Room

This room accommodates 12 children and 5 full time members of staff. The staff identify the individual needs of each child and plan their activities accordingly. They have the opportunity to climb, sing, dance, experiment with water, gloop, sand and paint as they discover there own independence.

The Junior Kindergarten

As the children turn two they move into our large well-equipped playroom, which offers the 22 children greater challenges. They make rapid progress with their personal, social and communication skills. Having fun and lots of interaction with 6 full time members of staff who plan the activities to provide the continuing development of your child. In this room potty and toilet training is carried out in conjunction with their parents.

Our Senior Kindergarten

The aim of the senior kindergarten is to prepare your child to be a confident individual and successful learner that has respect for others and can make informed choices and decisions. They are guided through the curriculum for excellence which is full of a wide and varied selection of activities and experiences, by 5 full time and 3 part time staff, including a qualified teacher. We operate a book lending library for our pre-school children and all children have the opportunity to take part in various outings.

The Computer Room

This room has two computers, printer and scanner, which can be used by everyone in the Nursery. We stock a large number of educational games for the enjoyment of the children. Various groups can use this room for a wide range of activities.

Outdoor Play

Our outdoor play area is large and spacious and features  a large Hy-land claiming frame for the children to explore/

We also have a soft play surface and vegetable garden with raised planting beds for the children to plant and grow their own vegetables.