Nursery Fees


0-3 years  £52.00

3-5 years   £54.00

Half Session

0-3 years  £29.80

3-5 years   £27.00

All fees are paid in advance. Fees are paid by standing order on the first month or by cash or cheque immediately preceding starting date.
Fees are payable irrespective of absence from the nursery.

A deposit equivalent of 2 weeks fees is payable to reserve a nursery place.

The deposit is refundable when leaving, if fees are up to date and four weeks written notice given.

Pre-school funding is available for 3-5 year olds, subject to availability.

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Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers can help you to save money with your childcare fees. They are a way of paying for childcare – through your employer. The first £50 a week supplied via childcare vouchers is exempt from tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) for employees.

If your employer runs a scheme, this will normally be run through a childcare voucher company. The voucher company will either send your childcare vouchers directly to you, or they will provide your employer with them to distribute accordingly. Once you’ve received them you can use them to ‘pay’ your childcare provider. The childcare provider will then redeem the value of the voucher from the childcare voucher company. Some companies can send payments electronically without the use of paper vouchers.

Two parents can claim the vouchers from their employer and place them against fees. Making it doubly effective for you.

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Our most recent Care Inspection report is available from the manager or via the websites below.

Combined Inspection



Please find a link below for our handbook. 


In this handbook you will find everything you need to know before bringing your child to Sinclair Nursery

Confident Individuals

Responsible Citizens

Effective Contributors

The Curriculum for Excellence encourages us to provide the best activities and environment for children of all ages to learn the skills they need for learning, life and work. This includes areas of literacy, numeracy, problem solving, culture, art, music and drama.

We also follow the Pre-Birth to Three Guidelineswhich support our youngest children.

Settling in Period

To help ease your child into their new daily routine, we offer a free settling period which is ideally used the weeks before your child is due to take up a place at at the nursery. This routine gives you and your child a chance to get to know the children, staff and nursery routines. 

Each child's settling needs are different so we shall advise you individually at the point of settling.