Partnership with Parents

Leaving your child in the care of others is one of the most difficult decisions you can make as a parent. That's why we want to make it as easy and as reassuring as possible.  We at Sinclair Nursery put each child's individual needs at the heart of our nursery and our ethos.  We also aim to meet the needs of parents with the same level of empathy and understanding.

We always welcome parents' views and value your comments.  We have a comments and suggestions boxes in the hallways and a comments and compliments box outside the downstairs office.

 You're free to pop into the nursery at any time, whether to see your child or to chat to our Management team or your child's key worker - it's a great opportunity to get involved in your child's time at nursery.  We'll be happy to welcome the child's grandparents too, if they would like to be involved readings stories etc. We publish questionnaires and actively involve you in the life of the nursery through regular newsletters.

Observation and Activity Records are kept for all children that you can speak to your child key person about at any time.

We value the partnership between parent and nursery and aim to make you feel totally involved with your child's nursery care.

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