What People say about us.

Comments made to the Care Inspectorate by Parents

'Sinclair nursery provides a great service. A mix of experienced and young staff seems to work well. When you can drop your child off at nursery and never have to worry about them it makes life easy.'

'Three children all attended Sinclair nursery over past 8 years. We have always been very happy with the care and education they have received'

'The staff at this establishment are excellent: warm, supportive, well trained and highly professional'

'Overall Sinclair nursery provides an excellent level of care in a warm and stimulating environment. Both my children have enjoyed their time at nursery and I trust them completely'

'I'm a grandparent and I feel at home here myself. My granddaughter will miss nursery when she starts school'.

'Her speech has really improved since moving into the 2-3 room'

What the Children Say

'I like the pasta' 'I like it here'

'I like drawing'

'I like it when we play outside'

'The ladies look after us when we are sick' .